ISA Netherlands Section and ISA European Office (clarification)

The International Society of Automation is a non-profit association for individuals and organisations involved in all aspects of Automation. The society is run by both volunteer members and ISA staff in order to further the aims of the society.

The Netherlands Section is one of many Sections throughout the world run by volunteers to support the needs of its members locally within a country. The ISA European Office is run by ISA staff to promote and develop ISA’s interests in Europe and their activities include business development, workshops, and delivery of ISA training courses.

As both the ISA Netherlands Section and the ISA European office are distinctly different entities, the differences between the structures and activities of both entities are expanded on below to provide clarity to members, partners and to ISA customers.

ISA European Office

The ISA European office is a wholly owned subsidiary of ISA and is run by ISA staff member Mr. Pieter van der Klooster. The ISA European office is located in the Netherlands to expand the presence of ISA within Europe, support the non-profit Sections, organize commercial workshops and events, provide open enrolment, and deliver in company training courses. Revenue generated through this commercial office is used to further the development the society’s goals through the continued development of standards, creation of certification programs and publication of Automation content.

ISA Netherlands Section

ISA Netherlands Section is a non-profit association of about 150 ISA-members from Dutch businesses (System integrators, Machine builders, End users, engineering firms, educational institutions, etc.). The Netherlands Section operates as a separate entity from the commercial activities of the ISA European office. Like all Sections around the world, the ISA Netherlands Section is funded through partners, sponsored activities of the Section and modest membership rebates arising from the Netherlands Section member’s membership fees. Some of the activities the ISA Netherlands Section are involved in include:

  • Theme evenings with lectures and presentations on relevant subjects
  • Presence at events to expand ISA awareness
  • Creating a network of likeminded professionals
  • Connecting companies to students and vice-versa
  • Partner events where partners can contribute to the activities of ISA Netherlands Section
  • Supporting companies with the application of ISA-standards
  • Knowledge sharing events

The volunteers of the ISA Netherlands Section would like to thank all our partners for their continued support, ensuring that these activities can continue be held and achieving the advancement of Automation for our members and automation community.