Spanish ISA delegation visits The Hague University

A Spanish ISA delegation from Centro San Juan Bosco, Cartagena, visited the faculty of IT & Design of The Hague University. The Spanish delegation was given a tour by ISA Netherlands Section’ Education Chair Mr. Sjaak Peski, around the Delft campus of IT & Design. They visited a number of different classrooms on the campus where they learned about the educational system and looked at several projects from students.

The delegation and the ISA Netherlands Section members also made a trip to the “Betafactory”, a 1200 m2 warehouse where students can work on projects in the workshop and design / develop prototypes using machines and materials. The Learning Labs bring supply and demand from education and industry together by providing a way for industry, government, education- and knowledge institutions to work together. The “Betafactory” gives students and companies the opportunity to develop prototypes. From the inception of an idea, to the engineering phase and eventually to production-ready products.

In the “Betafactory” the delegation had the opportunity to look at a project from Accenda. This company is specialized in converting cars with a polluting conventional combustion engine to cars with an electric engine where the energy comes from batteries or hydrogen fuel cell technology.

After the tour, the Spanish delegation and ISA Netherlands Section members discussed the different education systems and they agreed to look into the possibility to exchange students in the future.