ISA Netherlands Section College Tour arrives at BetaFactory

On Tuesday 7th of November, ISA Netherlands Section organized the 2nd college tour for this year. During the course of the college tour several theme events will be organized at various educational institutions in The Netherlands. The 2nd college tour theme session was hosted at The BetaFactory for the members of ISA Netherlands Section and other interested professionals. The participants were welcomed in The BetaFactory, with coffee and tea.

After a short welcoming introduction by Ruud Timmermans, ISA Netherlands Section Treasurer, he gave an overview of the agenda and introduced the speakers and the host of the event. The host Marcel van Wijk gave a introduction of the location BetaFactory and it’s possibilities. There were speakers on three topics: Alarm Management, Cyber Security and Drone Applications.

Alarm Management
Ruud Timmermans and Pieter Dekker of Euro Tank Terminal (ETT) gave a joint presentation about Alarm Management.  They gave an extensive look on how ETT used the ISA-18.2 standard to successfully reduce the number of alarms at the terminal in a significant way.The co-hosted interactive presentation further addressed topics like: what actually is an alarm, what are the properties of an alarm and how do employees on-site have to deal with the various alarms, based on their respective roles and responsibilities.

Tank inspections with Drones
Falcker’s Thomas Schouten gave a presentation about the use of drones for Tank inspections in collaboration with Cisco’s Cathy Boers. The pro-active use of drones reduces the cost of maintenance and helps find weaknesses and threats for the daily operation of a Tank Terminal. The use of Drones reduces the time needed for many maintenance activities and the use of scaffolding for normal human visual inspections.  By means of collecting data with cameras and other sensors special tools can be used to convert data into information to reduce downtime and avoiding human incidents. Thomas Schouten complemented his presentation with a movie about Drone inspections at MOT (Maasvlakte Olie Terminal).

Cyber Security
Mitchell de Heer, on behalf of Hudson Cybertec, partner of ISA Netherlands Section, addressed the audience with a presentation about Cyber Security Forensics within IACS (Industrial Automation & Control Systems) environments. He gave insight into how digital forensic skills are used to investigate the cause of problems within the industrial automation & control systems (IACS) domain. He explained that digital forensic investigation in the IACS domain adress several challenges. The devices that are used today often don’t have the capability for forensic analysis. However, there are many circumstances where an organisation may benefit from the ability to gather and preserve digital evidence before an incident occurs. Mitchell ended his presentation with several practical ideas/methods for organizations in the IACS domain to maximise their potential to collect digital evidence whilst minimizing the costs of an investigation.


Within walking distance of The Hague University of Applied Sciences Delft is Betafactory 16, a construction area of ​​1200 m2. Here, the Betafactory facilitates the partnership that is necessary to make projects for education and business a success. Entrepreneurship and the realization of innovation are central. The workshop forms a project construction environment that functions as a test and development environment within the various themes. Students can carry out projects in the workplace and design / develop prototypes using machines and materials.
Within the Learning Labs, industry, government, education and knowledge institutions work together to bring supply and demand from education and industry together. With Betafactory 16, students and companies are given the opportunity to develop issues and prototypes from the idea, design and engineering phase to production-ready products. In addition to the practical facilities, the workshop also offers process-based support from education. More information about the BetaFactory can be found at


Continuation of college tour
In 2018 the ISA Netherlands Section college tour will visit several other educational institutions. Theme evenings will be organized at The HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Hague University, the Avans University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.